• Introduction
  • Description of the market
  • Description of the product and how it’s going to solve said problem
  • Tokenomics
  • The team
  • The roadmap
  • Disclaimer

Advances in automation and information technologies have transformed many industries. Now, amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, they are accelerating changes in another area — financial services. More and more, the blockchain technology employed in cryptocurrencies is being absorbed into our everyday lives and used by even small or medium-sized businesses.

The insurance industry in Switzerland is one of the latest to undergo transformation. Draft regulations that would drastically limit the activities of foreign, non-tied intermediaries (due…

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is used to identify something in a unique way.

This type of token is perfect for platforms offering items representing one smart contract with different values, so far NFT has found its first and most popular application in representing works of art.

Due to the maturing technology use cases are in the development stage. The finance and insurance industries are another sectors in which NFTs can do well. Stock indexes are one example.

This special type of Token has amazing possibilities so it deserves a proper Standard, the ERC-721 came to solve that!


The ERC-721…

Why is CrytpoSara the platform of the future?

Sara is a platform that aims to optimise service time and cost, increase customer satisfaction, and revolutionise the insurance brokerage market. Sara’s arrival in the market also favors insurance companies as there will be a reduction in customer service complaints that feel victimized by door-to-door sales.

The growth of the insurance industry due to the number of jobs in 2017, despite widespread digitization, has outpaced other sectors. The potential and the trend have become apparent. …


CryptoSara is a platform in the insurance sector, a platform that will revolutionize this industry!

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